By reducing the restriction on air-flow, your engine can take in air if and when it needs it more easily. This means that less energy is wasted on air intake and results in an increase in horsepower and torque. When driving, users will feel a more responsive throttle and smoother acceleration, especially in the mid to high-end rev range. The mesh has a uniform construction, which streamlines passing air, reducing turbulent eddies and improving flow further.

Fuel Economy

Having increased your torque and horsepower, your vehicle now uses less energy to maintain its speed. When compared with the same driving style, users can benefit from up to a 10% improvement in miles per gallon (mpg). This decreases the cost of driving and allows your fuel tank to take you further.

Cost Effective

Unlike other washable and reusable filter mediums, which can wear over, the Hurricane Stainless Steel filter performs to the same high standard after cleaning, just like new. This gives our customers consistent filtration time after time and means our filters will last the lifetime of your vehicle. One filter for life saves on your servicing costs, as the air filter is usually replaced, adding to your bills material and labour costs.


The standard air filter is made from paper, which is discarded and replaced at every service. Used and dirty air filters usually end up taking up space at landfill sites. Hurricane Racing Co. believes in the importance of sustainable products and by using our filters you are preventing unnecessary waste, minimising the impact on the environment. Only one filter is needed for the lifetime of the vehicle and all our materials are fully recyclable.

27 March 2016

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