With the high airflow filter helps maximize the engine performance. HURRICANE SUPERBIKE AIR FILTER break through the limit of air filter. Increase horsepower, increase torque, better acceleration and quick response. HURRICANE introduced the Dry Flow Technology that eliminate the oil coating process which cause the mass air flow sensor to be false functioning. Feel the new experience of power and control from your riding.

The New HURRICANE® Superbike Air Filter. The Best Big Bike Air Filters to Produce Outstanding Performance

From the most experienced manufacturer of air filters now comes the latest most efficient air filter for your high end motorcycle engines – HURRICANE® Superbike Air FilterTM. With over 20 years of experience in the field, HURRICANE® has researched and developed the best air filter for your vehicle to provide the perfect balance of filtration and air flow, allows your bike to increase its performance enormously allowing you to love your bike even more.

The RESULT of ON KAWASAKI Z250 after installing hurricaneair filter. The horsepower is increased by up to 7 HP, 20% compared to standard filters.

* The results of this test May be Difference depending on the tuning of each car.

27 March 2016

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